There’s a pool in me, you know.

An endless, bottomless affair of bright blue darkness

An orb that sometimes

Extends tendrils of its depth

Opens me up as wide as a torn womb

Makes me reveal my rawness

All its jagged bones and deformities

As flat and exposed as a sun bleached field of yellow grass.

And utterly laughable am I then

For all I am, and all I am not, and all I wanted to be.

Did I tell you how much I hate

That piercing sound of laughter, the shriek that then

Drills into my head like a cruel, unyielding beak?

Oh the sky above and the earth below,

I want to shred your futile solidity into pieces

Raze your placidity to the ground

And squeeze out the life out of you, the still air of my room.

Why would you not howl, shriek and twist into me?

Darkness, come to me then.

Shroud and bury what is left. 


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