Spicy sausage roti-wrap with herbed mixed greens.

This quick recipe makes a tasty wrap pretty soon and makes for a great lunch. I spice up the greens (can’t do them bland) and I use low calorie chicken sausages only.



  • roti (flat Indian wholewheat pancakes) -1
  • Mixed field greens (I use a mix which also has herbs)
  • Hot Italian chicken sausage – 1
  • Mustard sauce (Kasundi)- 1 tsp
  • Coconut chutney- 1 tblsp


Grill/cook the sausage thoroughly and chop into pieces.

Toss the greens with kasundi, and roast on a skillet for just a few seconds

Prepare the roti and slather a spoon of coconut chutney on it

Put the greens and the sausage and form the wrap.

Calorie count- roti- 120, Sausage – 140, greens-20- chutney- 30 – so about ~300 calories per wrap. One is good enough for lunch for me. Along with a  cup of yogurt  and a fruit.



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