Me, Myself and My blog

I am a geeky woman with a lot of interests. It would be  very boring if I were to list all of them, so a better idea would be to check my blog :-). I do science as my living, and everything else when I am not at the lab. The ideas expressed in this blog are my views, and excuse me if you do not find them well researched, for  most of the times, they won’t be as I am busy researching something else full time. I love to write, and comment. So this is where it starts, again. 

This blog is intended to be a lot many things. From reviews to recipes, from house projects to travelogues, I might put in anything I want at times. My recipes tend to be quick , thanks to my schedule and can be best described as Indian food with a twist. My reviews are solely based on how I perceived a book or a film, and not technicalities, which I honestly don’t think I can claim to know or understand.

PS, if you like my blog (and didn’t think it’s a waste of your time), please leave a comment. 


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