The sum of all my fears

The darkness creeps and the vision slips

Nightmares are etched in my scarlet sleep

Four in the morning and I am out somewhere

Reaching for a smoke lest for once, I weep.

Silently, very silently love

I am breaking. I am aching.

Did you want me as I am, did you want me whole,

Think twice, think thrice and wise my love

Would hate to see you

Getting cut on the shards of my shattered soul.

I am wandering still in a dark hallway dripping blood

I am staring still at a bowl of tortured strings that gushed in a flood

I am floating in the hallowed circles of pain

I don’t think I can break like this again.

The betrayal so complete, the trumpets are almost on a roll.

So I fear for you my air twin,

Would hate to see you

Getting cut on the shards of my scattered soul.

The memories choke and the heart writhes in pain

The blackness so engrossing, I am losing myself again

Will you still walk with me in the blinding rain

Will you still hold my hands clad in the irons of my chain

I fear for your sanity my love,

I fear for the glories that could still remain.

Laid bare and broken, I must be a sorry rag doll.

I would hate to see you my love

Getting shredded by the shards of my soul.pd_darkness_071029_ms


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