And yet your voice shall lie to me

In the measured tone that you


for those who do not understand

who never did.

While the noose slides out

Buried unknown are lives

In infamy, your lust has finally shown them the blackness of metal chains.

 The conscience finally sighs of peace.

With many more who now smile back

And those who said they were angry at a woman being torn,

Eaten, one piece at a time

Will now be happy, anxious even,

Awaiting the next swing

The next chop

The next kill

The next lie

The next dead bit of flesh.


I hear that mellowed voice

That gently praises me

For I am a Goddess of life,

While I grow swollen with more lies

More lies than a lifetime could gather.

And the gentle reproach

I can feel for being grotesque.


I did stink a while, I am afraid,

Reeked of rebellion, refusal, hate.

I have tried washing myself ‘till my skin was raw.

Brushed my teeth till I spat blood in the bowl

And yet that unclean remains

Like a gnawing tooth in my brains

And yet the final blood takes hold.

The lies and all

All of you who point at me

Hold me prone and feed me lies

Know that the unclean remains

I’ll never be the same again.


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