poetic injustice?

I envy you.

You who would sit and write at ease.

Lyrical and profound,

Words would pour

And with a lot of meaning  too.

And will all nod and bow to it.

And will all envy too.

While I sit and gaze emptily at this blank morbid sheet

And struggle for voice, my voice.

Ah what would I give to

Open up that tight cork in my throat

And pour forth the bile, the black bile

Acerbic and angry as it is

And turn all the roses in the world black with my venom

Or maybe, a very poisonous glittery green!!

You see, when I speak I jump endlessly from shore to shore

From a thought to another

Until I find my words no more.

Hell would have been easier.

And you would see a set smile

A coldness that would outlive death

All this while I have bled myself


Droplets and millions of red, vividly poisonous droplets have left me

Left me utterly quiet and angry, howling and smiling.

How’s that for your sedate, happy soul?


One comment

  1. Anirvan

    Wow..great!! “whwn i speak i jump….my words no more”…very good my friend, keep it up!! The first line is very strong too…


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